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Everything About Monsanto And His Lobbying Journey
It is almost unbelievable to accept that Monsanto did $4.76 billion in sales in 2015 alone which is such a significant figure especially today when the competition is so high in the market. Monsanto got all the money after making huge sales of his company products which include unfortunately include some herbicides that have some components of glyphosate. It is sad to note that any slight exposure to the chemical increases one’s chances of developing cancer by as much as 41% which is the reason why more and more people today want to know more about Monsanto and why he would do such a crude thing. For those that would like to know more about Monsanto, they should first understand that this is one of the numerous studies that speak about the potential negative consequences of using Monsanto products in the world today. The recent years, for instance, have seen more and more legal rulings trying to hold Monsanto accountable for his products and their effects on the users which explains why Dewayne Johnson was paid damages fee of $289 million in April 2018. Johnson received the amount after taking Monsanto to trial with claims that his products exposed him to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Regardless of the rising storm surrounding Monsanto and his products, the company still wields incredible power internationally which brings the need to read and know more about Monsanto as well as his lobbying strategies and efforts.

Knowing more about Monsanto starts with Monsanto’s “Green Sheen” and the lobbying machine while at the same time putting in mind that most global corporations such Monsanto do not play by the same rules as their smaller counterparts. There are so many people across the world today wondering how and why Monsanto has managed to survive even with so many storms coming their way and the answer lies in their ability to buy global power all thanks to the many resources that they have. Knowing more about Monsanto also comes with understanding that he has more resources in addition to the above which allows hot to hire any willing scientist to twist the facts and statistics to clean the company’s name and to suit their needs. Monsanto does all the above and much more just to try and prove the world and consumers wrong about their claims about how dangerous their products are to human lives and the ecosystem. In the event his techniques do not work out, Monsanto does not just stop there but proceeds to even bribe and brainwash people as well. Anyone interested in knowing more about Monsanto should also understand that it is a perverse global monopoly with an intricate web of lobbyists that he works with.

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