Do you want to start earning Bitcoin and still have not completely understood the principle of its extraction? It's simple on the whole. You buy the necessary equipment-miner, fan (whether in our country or in another specialized eshop), you connect it to a powerful computer and you can start to benefit. You can benefit either individual or you can become a part of the so-called. Pool. The extracted money is stored in your wallet, which you can have stored on your computer (it is quite memory intensive), or you can have it online (here is a minor problem with security).
Registration in our eshop
Bitcoin currency so excited that you would like to purchase everything you need for mining in our shop and wonder if you are to register or not? Of course, registration is not compulsory, but there are numerous benefits associated with it. Among other things, you can see how your order is being carried out, you do not have to fill in all the details on subsequent orders, and if you buy more often, you will find interesting discounts.